A good news story… new jobs are out there!

We recently had an email from an SLA member who wanted to thank us for all the support, the events and most importantly the advice, coaching and guidance he’d had from our sponsors Red Tiger Consulting, who have launched a new Career Coaching Service.

Jason Day has, after much searching and applications for many jobs, secured a new role at Gamma, despite the restrictions of the current pandemic. Congratulations Jason!

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Research to Understand the Impact of Covid-19 on the Location Planning Community

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged and will continue to challenge the resilience of individuals and businesses. 

The SLA are delighted to announce their support of a research initiative by Red Tiger Consulting that seeks to understand the aggregate impacts of Covid-19 on the Location Planning Community.  The research will seek to understand similarities and differences in impact across the retail, consulting and real estate sectors.

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