The CDRC Masters Research Dissertation Programme


  • Advance notice!
  • An opportunity to invite a Masters student to undertake a research project for you
  • Research will be conducted May – August 2020
  • Students are also supported by their university supervisors
  • Contact the CDRC (projects@cdrc.ac.uk)
  • Applications made via short online project proposal form from cdrc.ac.uk/retail-masters
  • Sponsors will be required to select an appropriate student from a small number of applicants forwarded by the CDRC
  • Sponsor companies delegate one member of staff to act as an industry supervisor for the student to correspond with
  • Students and their industry supervisors usually hold a small number progress meetings during the research phase
  • Sponsors are asked to provide the student with a £500 bursary, and also fund travel expenses upon successful project completion


  • Boots: Senior Portfolio Analyst, Space and Location Planning “I had a good time working with the student. He was particularly good at taking on board not only the overall research objective, but also my specific requirement that he deliver us a working algorithm that we could use and develop further (which he has done). He kept in regular communication throughout, and was confident to question and challenge when necessary”.
  • Tesco: Community Plan Manager, Tesco.com “I would definitely say the relationship has been very useful. For my own project, it was very productive to have a dedicated researcher to bring academic rigour and investigative ability to the knotty and overwritten realm of making a business case for green. The partnership also had the benefits of educating the student in the corporate world and the different needs and drivers within that arena. A win-win for both sides.”