What are the Jon Walker Awards and why should I be interested?

Jon Walker

It became apparent after last night’s SLA meeting that many of you don’t know what the Jon Walker Awards are all about. They’ve been running now for 4 years and this year will bring us our fifth winner but we need you, our members, to support the awards for them to continue. The award is really important to us at The Society of Location Analysis for a number of reasons.

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Retailers: Do you have projects now that Master’s students can help you to progress this spring & summer?

If you work for a UK retail company, this is an opportunity for you.

The ESRC’s “Retail Research & Data” initiative, which involved commercial companies proposing projects for Masters’ students, was a real success in both 2012 and 2013, and Professor Paul Longley & I are pleased to report that the ESRC has decided to support this initiative in the longer term.

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Open Data views from our Chair Peter Sleight

Those of you who were at the excellent SLA event on 11th September (‘The Locational Data Market’) will have seen Prof. Bob Barr perform; and once seen, never forgotten! Given Bob’s encyclopaedic knowledge of locational data, I think we can see his hand in The Case for an Open National Address Dataset (see Sarah Hitchcock’s blog – ‘The Open Data Group – an inside view’).

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The Open Data User Group – an inside view!

I admit that I’m relieved to be writing this blog after working with Open Data User Group (ODUG) members for 4 months, rather than within my first few weeks. Our first meeting on 10th July was held in trendy Tech City, Shoreditch. Already feeling too ‘corporate’ I sit down and pull out my notepad and pen – at that precise moment, my thirteen new colleagues open iPads, laptops and other ‘smart’ devices. Add ‘old school’ to the list of my insecurities.

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