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Following another successful year of the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) Masters Research Dissertation Programme, the CDRCare now seeking proposals from businesses for new projects due to commence next spring (2018).

The annual dissertation programme presents a unique opportunity for commercial organisations to invite a masters student to work on a project of their choice between May-August, with the joint supervision and advice from an academic from their university.

It is a great opportunity to get a Masters student to help you to make progress with:

  • Major current issues, such as big data analytics, understanding footfall, predicting consumer behaviour, multi-channel insight, modelling mobility, geodemographic segmentation, e-engagement, social media
  • Working with data – both your own in-house data, and also maximising the value to be obtained from Open Data or data from government or administrative sources (available through the CDRC and the ONS)
  • Exploration of new techniques in data science

It also publicises your company’s interest in students with data skills and collaboration with academia.

Previous experience illustrates the main features of the initiative:

The CDRC are aiming to open the application process for masters students in January and to therefore encourage applicants from a wide breadth of disciplines and institutions. The student application process will be facilitated on the CDRC website and businesses will be encouraged to interview/select successful applicants in early 2018.

If you have a project in mind, please complete a project proposal form (available from the web link below) and email it to Guy Lansley at g.lansley@ucl.ac.uk by 8th December 2017.

All proposals need to be approved before they can be publicised to ensure that the students can maximise the academic potential from their dissertations. Alternatively, feel free to email Guy informally if you would rather discuss rough ideas for projects at this stage.

For more information on the programme visit: https://www.cdrc.ac.uk/retail-masters/information-for-retailers/

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