The Society for Location Analysis (SLA) has had a few different sponsors over the years including its founders GeoBusiness Solutions, Pitney Bowes MapInfo and CBRE.

We have decided to make the society more inclusive by allowing more than one sponsor from different backgrounds in the site location industry. Our dedicated and committed sponsors are as follows:

  • Geolytix
  • CACI
  • Red Tiger Talent

Geolytix Logo

Introduction to Geolytix

Since the day Geolytix came into being, we’ve been telling our customers where to go; how many stores, who to acquire, where to open and how to optimise home delivery and click & collect operations.

It’s never been more important for a retailer to understand how to optimise its store network. Whether you want to understand the potential number of stores you can open, how new formats will work together or how many stores you should close, given your growth in online sales, we can help.

Visit the Geolytix website here


Introduction to CACI

As market-leaders in global location planning and consultancy, CACI are specialists in unlocking opportunity through insight.

With years of industry experience, an expert knowledge of retailers, consumer behaviour and catchments, as well as a portfolio of market-leading tools and solutions, CACI partner a number of global and local businesses.

They’re specialists across a number of sectors, developing easy to implement strategies that promote business growth and optimisation.

Visit CACI’s website here.

Introduction to Red Tiger

Sourcing the best talent to grow your business.

red tiger logoRed Tiger Talent specialise in sourcing talent in the areas of location planning, property research, property investment analysis, economic research, social policy research, customer analytics and consumer insight.

Red Tiger Talent enable their clients to build exceptional teams by fully understanding the ethos, culture and organisation of any company so they can analyse the recruitment needs. The  team have a background in location analysis and business management and understand the skills required to build into your business.

They then use their extensive database to source the best talent in the industry, actively engaging with suitable candidates as the best people are not always looking for a new role.

Visit Red Tiger Talent’s website here.