What is the Society for Location Analysis?

The Society for Location Analysis (SLA) is a not-for-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee and sponsored by GeoLytix, CACI and Red Tiger Talent. The SLA has over 500 very active members.

Its aims are to:

  • Improve the standing and promote the expertise of site location research.
  • Support the interests of the site location research community.
  • Encourage cross-fertilisation of information, techniques and practices (this obviously discounts commercially sensitive information).
  • Encourage discussions of matters relating to site location research

Benefits of being a member

  • Sharing best practice
  • Mutual support and networking with like minded people/professionals
  • Keeping up to date with the latest site location/GIS issues
  • Regular events and meetings

The kind of meetings we organise…

Meetings are a mix of presentations followed by discussion, and social events. Previous
presentations and events include:

  • Annual Future Forum
  • Government Policy and the Future of Retail
  • The Space Syntax of Retail
  • Town Centre Development & Regeneration
  • Retail Trends – Retail Property Implications

A brief history of the SLA

The Society for Location Analysis was first established back on the 11th April 2002 when we had our inaugural meeting at The Institute of Directors in London. We invited a few retailers and representatives and Argos, B&Q, Barclays Bank, Chelsea Building Society, City Centre Restaurants, Halfords, Marks & Spencer, Matalan, Nationwide and Tesco all attended. Together we discussed the formation and structure we wanted for the society. The following items were discussed:

  • The name
  • The committee
  • The aims
  • The seminar programme
  • Topics/suggested speakers
  • Events
  • The web site
  • Benefits to members

Back in 2002 the SLA was sponsored and organised by GeoBusiness Solutions, a consultancy business set up by Andy Thompson, Steve Halsall and Jon Walker to serve the GIS and Location Analysis industry which has since ceased to trade. Sadly Jon passed away but Andy and Steve still attend meetings and Steve’s business, Red Tiger Talent, are one of our sponsors today.

Not an awful lot has changed over the years and the SLA is run in pretty much the same way. Apart from our sponsors who have changed over time, we still run the society as a free networking group for those working in location analysis, and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

For more information about current meetings visit the events page and subscribe online to be kept up -to-date with our regular emails.