Who is our new SLA Chair?

Thank you all for making nominations for the incoming chair of the Society for Location Analysis, we had a huge response which is wonderful to see. It proves you’re all still keen to be part of the SLA and look forward to the future, under new guidance. So who did you nominate? Who will be our next SLA Chair?

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Could you be our next chair?

It is with some sadness that we announce our chairman for over ten years, Jonathan Reynolds has decided to stand down. Jonathan has put in a lot of hard work over the years which has ensured the continued success and growth of the SLA. We would all like to thank him for his expert guidance and hope he will continue to be part of the committee and society in the coming years.

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We need your views on mentoring and coaching

Happy New Year! Based on feedback from members, the SLA is interested in developing opportunities for mentoring and coaching in 2023. We’d be keen to hear your views. The first part of this initiative is to conduct a ‘state of the nation’ survey to determine current levels of coaching and mentoring support within our community.  We are delighted to be supported in this by one of our sponsors, Red Tiger Talent.

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