The Salary and Benefits Survey 2020 is completely anonymous… questioned by some and explained here in Steve’s latest blog

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who completed the Salary and Benefits Survey 2020. Now the hard work starts as Red Tiger Talent analyse all the results and draw conclusions, comparisons and learnings from this latest year’s feedback and previous years.

We thought we’d also share Steve Halsall’s latest blog, Salary Survey: Why is it important? which addresses the questions raised by many participants in the survey and some who decided not to complete it. He explains the effort and time that goes into formulating, sharing, promoting and nagging people to complete it. The data is only good as the sample of data that goes in and with a significant number of people who started and did not complete the survey, the results could have been much higher in terms of completions.

He also discusses why it is so important that we continue to collect this data. If you’re interested, please go over and read his latest blog on the Red Tiger Talent website by clicking on the button below:

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