Standing on a New Crossroad

COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, is a global epidemic potentially heading towards becoming a pandemic. It is having an effect on retailing; Geolytix China have looked at the impacts on their country’s retail sector

In this latest blog from our Sponsors Geolytix, Coco writes about their experiences in China and how this has affected supermarkets, restaurants and online retailing.

With only 15 cases of Coronovirus declared in the UK we are not quite into epidemic proportions but there is cause for concern. There has been panic amongst schools, anyone who has been travelling to from other infected countries and even some businesses who have advised their staff to work from home for a few weeks. You can read more here on the BBC website, Coronavirus: Two new cases confirmed

It’s an interesting read as we watch this virus spread. How will this affect markets here in the UK? Are you worried about this? Do you think it will affect your business and are you planning ahead for an epidemic? Have you changed your habits to avoid infection?

Click on the button below to read Coco’s account of business in China during an epidemic:

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