Red Tiger Talent

We are delighted to welcome on board our third sponsors, Red Tiger Talent who are recruitment specialists in the field of site location and customer insight.

Brothers Steve and Paul Halsall specialise in sourcing the best talent to grow your business.

Red Tiger Talent specialise in sourcing talent in the areas of location planning, property research, property investment analysis, economic research, social policy research, customer analytics and consumer insight.

They enable our clients to build exceptional teams by fully understanding the ethos, culture and organisation of your company so we can analyse your recruitment needs. As our team have a background in location analysis and business management we can understand the skills required to build into your business.

They then use our extensive database to source the best talent in your industry, actively engaging with suitable candidates as the best people are not always looking for a new role.

Steve and Paul strongly believe in quality, not quantity and they will keep you updated with a report on only the candidates they feel are perfect for your role. They can also take care of interview arrangements, and conduct a preliminary interview ourselves to save you time, which we understand is a commodity in short supply within business.

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