Runner Up

University of Leeds

Ningqian Yang,
University of Leeds, MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy

“Developing a Community Pharmacy Location Model with Demand of Prescription Medicine from General Practices”

  • This research plugs a gap in the scarcity of spatial interaction modelling approaches in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Given the well-researched impact the location of pharmacies has on health, the work carries great importance
  • Case study: Leeds
  • A pharmacy location model is developed taking into account interaction between General Practices (GPs), community pharmacies and local population
  • The model estimates the dispensed prescription medicine items (volume) per pharmacy
  • Judges: This is an example adapting sophisticated techniques to estimate something previously untried. The work clearly has impact/usage implications and shows plenty of flair

Thank you to all our entrants. We had a very high standard or dissertation. Congratulations to our winners. We wish them every success in their future in site location.