Happy New Year 2015 from The Society for Location Analysis

The SLA's Jonathan Reynolds hands over the engraved Tankard to outgoing Chair Peter Sleight
Jonathan Reynolds hands over the engraved Tankard to outgoing Chair Peter Sleight
A very happy new year. I wanted to take this opportunity to write and introduce myself as the incoming Chair of the Society for Location Analysis, taking over from Peter Sleight who, as many of you will know, retired last year. I’d like to express my appreciation to Peter for his tremendous work for SLA; we were able to thank him in person late last year with a tankard which, I understand, he is already putting to good use!
Peter Sleight proudly showing off his long service tankard
Peter Sleight proudly showing off his long service tankard

Peter’s enthusiasm for the SLA since its inception and his tireless energy and wisdom (not to mention persuasive powers) in delivering a schedule of events and speakers for the Society over the years have been enormously impressive.

And it seems that you all agreed: last year, all our events scored over 90% good or very good for both relevance of subjects and quality of speakers.

So Peter has set the bar high for 2015!

2015 event schedule

Over the next few weeks, the society’s advisory group will be finalising the 2015 schedule. We’re already grateful to many of you for the suggestions you have made for activities and events you would like to see included. Amongst these will be some “All You Need to Know About…” sessions, a new public sector event, some more joint events with the SPR, as well as benefiting from the research undertaken by the new ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre http://cdrc.ac.uk.


We’ll also be running an award for the best undergraduate thesis on location analysis – to encourage the best students to think about careers in the sector.

Have your say

We’d like to hear from you about particular topics you would like us to cover as well as anyone who think they may be able to host a meeting. As you know, we are also reliant on the goodwill of some member organisations to provide venues in London and elsewhere. Please email me on jonathan.reynolds@sbs.ox.ac.uk, or any other member of the group, with your ideas or if you are able to help. Members include: Jack Streenstra jack.steenstra@zen.co.uk, Steve Scholey Steve@scholeyspace.fsnet.co.uk, Andy Metherell andymeth@hotmail.com and Anthony Hunt Antony.Hunt@co-operative.coop.

We need more members

We have over 350 members in the UK and internationally. But there’s always room for more: if there are new colleagues in your departments or units who you think would benefit from joining, then do let them know about the benefits of membership: https://thesla.org/about. Also, if you’ve moved – please let us know!

Job adverts

Ruth Holroyd remains our Administrator info@thesla.org and takes care of all our events, the website and job advertising service. The price of our job advertising service remains the same as it has been now for many years – and at £495 it’s very reasonable but still makes a significant contribution to covering some of our costs. Are you looking for staff? Do consider our vacancy service; other customers have had very good responses. To find out what companies who have used the service say visit: http://www.thesla..org/job-advert-testimonials/

Member benefits

We’re are also able to offer individual members 10% off the annual 3-day Retail Location Analysis course run at Oxford University, which this year is scheduled for 27-29 April 2015. More details here: http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/programmes/execed/rla

With all good wishes for 2015.

Kind regards

Jonathan Reynolds
The Society for Location Analysis

August 2013 SLA Newsletter

Welcome to the August 2013 SLA Newsletter. We have had a very successful series of events so far this year in June and July so if you haven’t yet managed to attend there is still a packed programme to choose from:

  1. The Future of Convenience Retailing, Co-op Manchester, 3rd Sept 2013

    The Co-op will be hosting this event at their splendid new HQ at 1 Angel Square, M60 0AG. We have over 40 attending so far but there is still space if anyone still wishes to attend.
    This promises to be an excellent event; see https://thesla.org/2013/07/the-future-of-convenience-retailing-manchester-3rd-sep-2013/

  2. SLA Forum, CBRE Henrietta House, Friday 18th October (please note date change)

    We are still in the process of recruiting speakers; those confirmed to date are:

    • Bob Barr, Manchester Geomatics; Bob received rave reviews for his performance at the Royal Mail Pinpoint event last year. Bob will update us on Open Data, from his perspective on the ODUG committee.
    • Andy Hudson-Smith, CASA; Andy performed to great acclaim five years ago, when he regaled us with neogeography and second life; this time he’ll talk about Smart Cities.
    • Telefonica will update us on the progress of their ‘Smartsteps’ initiative, which they unveiled at last year’s Forum. This involves measuring footfall within catchments by presence of handsets in the vicinity.
  3. Public Sector Event, Birmingham City Council Offices, 12th November 2013

    An excellent programme has been put together for this event, entitled Service Delivery Planning for the Public Sector. The programme runs from 10.00 for 10.30, through to 3.00 close.
    For full programme, and to book, click https://thesla.org/2013/06/public-sector-event-12th-nov-2013/

  4. Jon Walker Award

    We need your help ! So far, we have very few nominations for the 2013 Jon Walker Award for Innovation in Location Analysis. Please think about people you know in the business who have done something innovative (could be software, data, project, model) in the last year. Details of how to nominate are https://thesla.org/jon-walker-award/

  5. Job advertising

    It’s the job advertising on our website which keeps the SLA running free of charge so a big thank you to those who have advertised with us. This year we’ve had 12 jobs advertised in total so far which is excellent and we know from regular feedback from clients and members that they work. If your company has a site location vacancy that needs filling get in touch. The price has remained unchanged now for some years and is a bargain at £495 for unlimited coverage, email to all members and inclusion on our LinkedIn page.

We are always interested in suggestions from SLA members – particularly for future possible topics or speakers. If you have anything to say, email us info@thesla.org
Best wishes,

Peter Sleight

March 2013 SLA newsletter

Welcome to the Spring 2013 SLA Newsletter. We had a very successful series of events last year, and we’re in the process of organising this year’s events (see below). Please put the dates in your diary and we hope to see you at one or more event during the course of the year.

An invitation to members of the Society for Property Researchers (SPR)

We would like to invite members of the SPR to join the SLA, however we do have strict membership criteria and do not allow suppliers to join. Please see the terms and conditions of joining here. It’s free to join, only takes a minute to fill in the online subscription form and then you’ll have two chances of attending great site location and property events. With the success of last year’s joint SPR and SLA event, we wanted to welcome members to join us too. Click on the Join us on the home page side bar. We look forward to welcoming you along as new members.

Events 2013

  • Changing Grocery Store Formats, CBRE Henrietta House W1, 1st May 2013, 6.00 for 6.30 pm
    – Andy Thompson, Head of Network Planning & Property Insight at Sainsbury’s
    – Steve Jones of Unilever (formerly Tesco)
    – Third speaker to be confirmed
  • Public Sector event, Birmingham, 21st May 2013, (time TBC)
  • The impact of Crossrail on West End shopping, CBRE Henrietta House W1, 18th June 2013, 3.30 for 4.00 ’til 8.30 pm (jointly with SPR)
    – Speakers agreed to date: Tony Morgan, Chair, Crossrail
    – Richard Dickinson, New West End Co.
    – Giles Clarke, Grosvenor

    We’re seeking two more speakers; Jonathan Reynolds, OXIRM, will chair, and Stewart Colderick, CBRE, will moderate the Q&A session. Given the impact that Crossrail development will have on West End shopping, this is a very significant event.

  • The Future of Convenience Retailing, new Coop HQ, Manchester, 3rd September 2013, 6.00 for 6.30 pm

    – This event is at the planning stage currently, but is sure to be a winner; those who have attended previous Coop SLA events will know what to expect.

  • SLA Forum, CBRE Henrietta House, W1, 15th October 2013, 9.30 for 10.00; close at 4.30 pm
    – We are discussing ideas for this year’s theme – if you have ideas, we’d love to hear them. Email info@thesla.org

Please be sure to put the events which appear in your diary; more information will be emailed in due course. If you would like to reserve a place please email info@thesla.org

Jon Walker Award 2013

Blair Freebairn of GeoLytix won the Jon Walker Award in 2013 – see website (https://thesla.org/jon-walker-award/)

We have changed the format somewhat this year. Whereas we formerly asked SLA members to nominate innovations in the market, and the committee judged the best, this year we would like you to let us know on info@thesla.org of any innovations in location analysis, such as:

  • an innovative project
  • innovative use of data
  • an innovative modelling solution
  • innovative software development

Deadline for notification of innovations is 14th September 2013. We will put the entries on the SLA website, and ask SLA members to vote for the best. As usual, the result will be announced at the SLA Forum.

Supplier Listing on SLA website

We will be providing an additional service to members shortly, in terms of a listing of relevant data suppliers to the location analysis market. The suppliers will be grouped under specific headings, e.g. neighbourhood classifications. Just the name and website will appear. We are in the process of compiling lists currently.

Membership drive

We continue to grow membership, despite the inevitable attrition as people move abroad, leave the industry, etc. A good way to grow faster would be for everyone in the SLA to think about other people in the industry who they know (friends, colleagues); are they members of the SLA? should they be? Please encourage them to join. It’s easy! Forward this email to them and encourage then to visit the website (https://thesla.org), check eligibility criteria, if eligible, join online. Let’s grow the SLA even faster.

Pro bono support for small charities

Rosa de Balsi left Boots after 26 years in January. She has been an SLA member since its inception in 2002. She wrote to us, mentioning that on occasion the Location Planning team at Boots had given ‘free’ support to various small charities, usually based around shop siting.

Rosa suggested that the SLA might act as a ‘clearing house’ for such requests; so, if you receive this type of request but are unable to help (perhaps because of resource constraints) why not email the SLA about it (on info@thesla.org) and we’ll send an email around the membership, and/or put the request on the website.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback please do not hesitate to get in touch on info@thesla.org