Repurposing the High Street, Thursday, 3 Dec, 1-2pm

This event is brought to you by our friends at the Society for Property Research.

Retail has always been subject to change, and COVID-19 has only accelerated the transformation determining how much physical retail space is needed where and for what purpose. This first in the series of three webinars looking at repurposing retail will focus on the bigger picture, the holistic approach that is needed to get coordinated strategies in place, and deals with the repurposing of the high street first of all. Challenges such as fragmented ownership, costs and planning will be explored, as well as how the stores are used is changing. 

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Retail in a Crisis – Adapt, Survive & Thrive, 25th Nov, 4 – 5.30pm

The SLA has run three online events during 2020 focusing on the pandemic. In May, we looked at the key skills required of location analysts in dealing with the immediate challenge of the pandemic. In June, we explored some of the personal and professional impacts on our members in thinking through the impact of COVID on the customer insight and location analysis community. In July, we were amongst the first to explore the early evidence for retail recovery and regeneration, with speakers from Geolytix, the Local Data Company, and Intu.

In this session, in the middle of the second UK lockdown, we reflect on the fact that responding to the pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint, and that the economic and channel impacts will be profound and require strategic responses by all stakeholders.

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