Logistics and the future of retail real estate, 10th Feb, 4pm

For our first meeting of the New Year, we will be exploring the most recent evidence of the impact of e-commerce on real estate – particularly in relation to logistics infrastructure and capacity.

Our keynote speaker will be Jon Sleeman, Director of Research at JLL. Some members will recall that Jon last spoke to us in 2016 when he shared with us insight into the innovative logistics formats being trialled to meet the rapidly evolving needs of e-commerce. Jon will look at what has happened over the past five years and at the impact of the pandemic on the demand for logistics and distribution capacity to support e-commerce and omnichannel operations, as well as sharing new research findings which will inform future developments.

We will also celebrate the 2021 winners of our SLA Student Awards, designed to recognise outstanding achievements in the field of location analysis. The winning entries will share their findings with us.

More details to follow shortly.

Speaker details

To follow shortly…

Jon Sleeman
Director of Research at JLL

Our keynote speaker, Jon Sleeman,

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