Resilience and Sustainability, 18th May, 5.30pm

In our next event, our theme will be resilience and sustainability. We’ll be looking at how resilient the industry has been over the last year…

With a joint update from:

  1. Steve Halsall of Red Tiger Consulting and Georgia Chorlton of Leeds University on the ways in which location planners have experienced the impact of COVID within their organisations. Steve and Georgia will share the results of this recent survey.
  2. We’ll also be thinking about resilience and sustainability within the urban environment: as part of this, we’ll have a research update from Alessia Calafiore, a postdoc from Liverpool University, who will be sharing her work on the ’20 minute neighbourhood’. Watch out for further speaker announcements!
  3. Abigail Hill, PhD student at UCL will be speaking on her CDRC research work: Post COVID resilience of commuter towns”.

Date: Tuesday 18th May at 5.30pm.
Finish: 6.45 approximately.

Video and presentations

Thanks to all 40 delegates who joined us for what proved to a very interesting session. Our speakers packed a lot of information into the time we had available.

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