The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged and will continue to challenge the resilience of individuals and businesses. 

The SLA are delighted to announce their support of a research initiative by Red Tiger Consulting that seeks to understand the aggregate impacts of Covid-19 on the Location Planning Community.  The research will seek to understand similarities and differences in impact across the retail, consulting and real estate sectors.

This research will look at a range of impacts, including how technology is being used to support remote working, changes in working practices as a result of the pandemic, how businesses are managing through the epidemic and changes to department headcount. 

A brief online survey (5 minutes to complete) will be sent to department heads.  The deadline for completion will be 5pm Friday 22nd January 2021 and we really appreciate your support on this initiative.

Following collection of a robust response set the Red Tiger team will be writing up the summary findings with the aim to publish and present the findings in Spring 2021.

We look forward to sharing the results in due course.

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