Discounts on LinkedIn and Excel training

We are delighted to announce a number of new training courses in 2021 for both LinkedIn and Microsoft Excel. 

LinkedIn training

Many people are ‘on’ LinkedIn but most do not know how to use it to their advantage.  For LinkedIn training we have partnered with Velocity Marketing (www.velocitymarketing.eu) to offer the following tried and tested small group workshops across a range of dates in February and March 2021:

  1. Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile (90 minute workshop) – this will help you identify ways to improve your profile in support of your current role or in seeking your next role.
  2. Mastering LinkedIn to Secure your Next Role (90 minute workshop)– this will give you the edge in getting noticed by Recruiters, Decision Makers and Hiring Managers and provide practical advice on how to grow and develop your network to find your next role.

Special offers for SLA members

There is currently a special February offer open to SLA members:

  • Book on one of the above courses – 20% discount
  • Book on both courses – 50% discount

Microsoft Excel training

Excel is the most ubiquitous spreadsheet package in the world – millions of people use it at work, home and in study, often with very little formal training.  Red Tiger Training have created a new and expanded Excel training programme for 2021, which includes 3 new small group courses and updated content on our Intermediate course:

  1. Basic Excel (3 hour course) – New course designed for novices with little or no experience of Excel. This course will help participants gain confidence in the use of the tool and includes a range of examples of how to use Excel in study, home or business life.
  2. Intermediate Excel for Analysis (4 hour course) – Updated course designed for basic and intermediate Excel users wishing to take their Excel skills to the next level.
  3. Advanced Excel for Analysis (4 hour course) – New course designed for intermediate and advanced users covering a wide range of Excel features and functions in support of heavy duty data analysis not covered in the Intermediate course.
  4. Advanced Excel for Visualisation (4 hour course) – This new course focuses on creating visualisations and outputs to aid data insight, reporting or dashboards. You will be armed with a plethora of example charts to use in your own work.

There is currently a special February offer open to SLA members which is a 10% discount off on any of the Excel courses.

Contact Red Tiger for details:

All of the 6 courses outlined above are available as an individual or company booking.

For more detailed information on workshop/course content, timings and fees, please send an email to steve@redtigerconsulting.co.uk

Please note that all courses have a restricted number of places so book early to secure your place.