Excel for Business Analytics, 18/19th May, online

Excel is the most ubiquitous spreadsheet tool in the world with 81% of businesses using Excel. This is a course designed for beginners and intermediate users of MS Excel wishing to gain more confidence in using Excel for academic or commercial research and insight. The course is taught using a combination of 5 live online interactive sessions to outline the functions in detail, a self-study exercise (2-4 hours) which uses a ‘real world’ scenario to test delegates’ understanding of the topics covered, offline technical support and feedback on the exercise.

Summary of Course content:

  • Excel basics (optional) – cells (selecting, referencing, editing, formatting), rows and columns (selecting, adding, deleting, hiding, formatting) tables (sorting), worksheets (copying, adding, deleting, renaming, moving), basic formula, annotations (notes and comments), shortcuts
  • Basic functions – Count, Countif, Countblank
  • Text functions – Right, Left, Mid, Len, Isblank, Concatenate
  • Logical functions – If
  • Maths Functions – Sum, Sumif, Subtotal, Correl, Rank
  • Filters, Pivot Tables, Vlookup, Index, Match, Index Match

Dates & Times:
The taught sessions will be held over 5 x 1 hour Zoom workshops over the course of two days:

  1. Monday 18th May 2020
    • 9.30am-10.30am Excel Basics (optional) – for those with a very basic understanding of Excel
    • 11.00am-12noon – Excel best practice, Count and If functions, introduction to the exercise
    • 1.00pm-2.00pm – Sum, Subtotal, Rank, Correl & Text functions
  2. Tuesday 19th May 2020
    • 9.30am-10.30am – Filters, Pivot Tables, Vlookup functions
    • 11.00-12noon – Index, Match, Index Match functions, overview of the exercise

Who teaches the programme?

Steven and Paul Halsall, founders of Red Tiger Talent Ltd, have nearly 50 years’ experience in analytics roles, working for a number of organisations including Deloitte, The Rank Group, Grant Thornton, GMAP, CACI, BT, MapInfo and DTZ.  Red Tiger Talent specialise in technical skills training and recruitment.  Their training ethos is on focused and applied teaching; learning those features and functions most useful in a range of analytics and commercial roles.  Steve has a background in Geography and GIS, with specific interests around consumer insight, location planning and property research.  Paul has a background in Geography and Management and focuses on Data Science and visualisation tools.

Is this course for me?

The course assumes a very basic understanding of Excel and is suitable for beginners and intermediate level users of Excel.


£50 Non Members
£30 *40% off for SLA members

This is really good value as Steve and Paul have tailored this course for business analytics users so you’ll only learn useful tools and tricks.

Further Information

Delegates are expected to have a copy of MS Excel.

How to book

Bookings are being handled on the Oxford University website. Use the button below to reserve your place:

Email Daniella Creaney on ke.coordinator@sbs.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions.

If you are in personal contact with colleagues who are SLA members and who are presently furloughed, please do forward these emails to them. Involvement in training & development activity is permitted under the Government’s Job Protection Scheme.”