An Introduction to Retail Property


Brought to you by Property Overview, this one day course is great value, and gives you, as an SLA member, 15% off!

  • “An Introduction to Retail Property” – 1 day course
  • Date: Monday 1 October, 9:30am – 5pm, Central London
  • Price: standard price £450pp+VAT, SLA member price £382pp+VAT

The aim is to provide a foundation knowledge on the retail property industry and how it all fits together. It provides wider context for the Location Analysts. How does the shop location fit into the bigger investment picture?

The course provides a foundation on retail property letting and investment, providing context for Location Analysts, retailers, marketing staff, property accountants and others who come into contact with retail property. It looks at types of retail property, types of retailers and how they occupy space, what retail type is thriving, coping or under threat, the market drivers, we explain jargon, lettings, lease events and look at the various angles around retail property investment..Quote SLA15% for your discount

For more information, visit click https://www.propertyoverview.co.uk/training_courses/intro-to-retail-property/