The Society for Location Analysis


The Society for Location Analysis

'The Future of Network Planning'

Date: Tuesday 20th April 2010

Venue: Jones Lang Lasalle, 22 Hanover Square, W1A 2BN

Time: 18:00 for a 18:30 start


Jonathan Reynolds, Director, Oxford Institute of Retail Management

Where we are now? - results of Nuffield research project re. current practice in Retail Location Analysis

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Jack Steenstra - Abbey / Santander

Where we´ve come from - reflections on the last 30 years

Jack learnt his modelling principles back in the 70s when he managed a linear programming model that simulated oil refinery operations. In the days of IBM mainframes and rectangular cardboard punch cards. From there onto vehicle routing, way before GPS was even a concept and tachographs were the only way of telling what a truck has been up to.tion planning started for Jack in 1983 when he joined MPSI, an American firm very successful in modelling petrol station forecourt performance – petrol sales to you and me. Still using mainframes and manual input, but now with tape drives. In 1990 he switched to Banking and has had a rich career there. Including overseeing four mergers, opening (and closing) many branches, opening branches with coffee shops, opening branches in supermarkets, trying kiosk banking, franchising branches and trying multi-coloured branding. Starting as a one-man-band, over the years the team has broadened its scope and has become an integral part of the sales force. From “where should we have branches” it now also addresses how big they should be, what facilities they should provide, branch design, what staff budget each branch has and the performance targets for each branch. Suffice to say that over the years he has built up a useful set of tools and techniques; from gravity modelling to dashboards; from productivity models to standard workbaskets, using sophisticated pc modelling techniques.

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This promises to be truly unmissable!

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